Designing a brand identity for a barbershop in the Netherlands requires a combination of both traditional and modern elements. The barbershop culture is known for its nostalgic and retro style, so incorporating classic design elements like vintage typography, muted colors, and old-fashioned imagery would help to create a distinctive look and feel. However, it's also important to incorporate clever and modern elements to appeal to a younger and more diverse audience. Therefore, FadeStation contacted us to use our expertise to create a thoughtful and creative brand identity design for this barbershop to stand out in a competitive and crowded market.

FadeStation offers a full range of traditional Turkish hairdressing services with experienced hairstylists to meet the needs of any type of client. In addition, you can always visit their beautiful salon to relax and make an appointment. Online appointment booking was one of their most important requests from us. For this reason, we designed a creative website with the possibility of reservation for them. HiNet is the master of solving the challenges of customers.

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Using the company's own theme

Thank you to your company for the new brand design. This work (logo) is excellent and beautiful.

Ali Mohaghegh
CEO FadeStation